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Children born in summer are ’13 months behind classmates’ in maths, study finds

24 Nov

Pupils born in summer lag behind their older classmates when it comes to maths, a report has found.
And children born between May and August are around a third more likely to need extra numeracy tuition, according to the findings.
The report, produced by the Every Child a Chance Trust, studied 47,237 six and seven-year-olds who were among the weakest in their class in terms of numeracy.

It found that many summer born children were around 13 months behind the average for their year group in maths.
It comes after a separate study found children with birthdays in the summer are more likely to be unhappy at school, have low self esteem and are less likely to be accepted into top universities.
Children who struggle with numbers are also more likely to be boys, much more likely to qualify for free school meals, to have Special Educational Needs, to speak English as a second language and to come from an ethnic minority background.
But with a short but intense tutoring scheme struggling children can catch up with their peers
After just 3.7 months of support, the children made average gains of 15.7 months.
Children who were tutored in pairs and groups of three appeared to make just as much progress as those taught on a one-to-one basis.
And not only did three-quarters of pupils involved achieve national expectations, but by they time they reached the end of Year 2 they sustained that progress in follow-up tests six months later.
None of these children had been expected to meet the national standard of reaching Level 2 at the end of Year 2.
The latest figures were compiled by Edge Hill University which administers and provides the training for the Every Child Counts programme.
The scheme was originally managed and funded, directly, by the Department for Education.
It is now run by Edge Hill University and has developed into two schemes, Numbers Count and 1stClass@Number.
Instead of being automatically offered to schools, head teachers now decide whether they want to buy it in as a means of helping their pupils.
John Griffith-Jones, chairman of the Trustees of the Every Child A Chance Trust (ECAC), said the scheme was a successful example of how business and community could tackle a ‘persistent problem that we have in our school system: the yawning gap between the talented and less able in basic numeracy.’


‘Apple’s iPad mini infringes eight patents’: Samsung launches latest volley in the clash of the technology titans

24 Nov

Samsung has filed papers at a US court claiming that Apple’s latest iPad mini, released this month, infringes eight technology patents.
Korean giant Samsung has asked a judge to add the 7.9-inch Apple tablet to a list of products, including the iPod Touch 5, and the iPad 4, which it claims violate patents on radio signalling technologies.
A patent war has engulfed technology giants with firms trying to make sure the others’ latest products are involved in the legal dispute in a bid get sales banned.
The rivals have filed cases against each other in more than 10 countries, each accusing the other of violating its patents.
Last week Apple successfully applied to add Google’s latest mobile operating system, Android 4.2, Jelly Bean, to the case.
In a minor victory for Samsung, on Wednesday, the judge ordered Apple to disclose the financial details of its patent licensing deal with HTC.
Apple and HTC signed a 10-year licence agreement earlier this month, but did not make the details public.
But the court ordered Apple to produce a full copy of the settlement agreement ‘without delay’, subject to an ‘attorneys’ eyes only’ designation, meaning it will not be made public.
Legal experts say the question of which patents are covered by the HTC settlement, and licensing details, could be instrumental in Samsung’s efforts to thwart Apple’s subsequent quest for a permanent sales ban on its products.
Samsung has argued it is ‘almost certain’ that the HTC deal covers some of the same patents involved in its own litigation with Apple.
It seeks to show Apple is willing to license its technology if the price is right.
It has been speculated that HTC has agreed to pay Apple a royalty of up to $8 on each smartphone it sells, but the figure has been flatly denied by the firm’s chief executive.
The settlement of Apple and HTC ended their worldwide litigation and brought to a close one of the first major flare-ups in the global smartphone patent wars.
Apple first sued HTC in 2010, setting in motion a legal conflagration that has since circled the globe and engulfed the biggest names in mobile technology. | Hang Time Blog

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