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Fancy seeing you here! Mila Kunis embraces a female friend on the set of Two And A Half Men as she visits boyfriend Ashton Kutcher

13 Oct

She was on set to say a loving hello to boyfriend Ashton Kutcher, but Mila Kunis looked to be taken with another companion on Friday.
The 30-year-old actress was spotted running up to a female friend on the set of Two And A Half Men in Hollywood, and appeared delighted to see her.
Ukraine-born Mila was dressed in a chic all-blue ensemble for the day, sporting a cropped blue blazer, nautical blue and white-striped top and denim skinny jeans.
She completed the sophisticated casual look with a pair of blue espadrilles as she ran over to her tall friend who was dressed in similarly casual attire.
Mila kept her silky brunette locks down and loose to tumble over her shoulders whilst opting for neutral make-up toned which accentuated her flawless sun-kissed complexion.
The Forgetting Sarah Marshall actress clearly had a few hours to spare as she wandered around the set without Ashton, who was presumably busy filming the hit CBS sitcom, which was first aired on 2003.
Ashton Kutcher, who stars as Walden Schmidt, a hopelessly romantic internet tycoon, was also spotted entering his trailer on set whilst being surrounded by a group of crew ladies who were working on the series.
Earlier the 35-year-old actor was seen carrying his Apple Macbook as he arrived at the Warner Brothers Burbank Studios of his hit show.
Only the day before Mila was seen visiting a friend’s home in Hollywood, looking significantly less happy as she did on set.
Ashton and Mila, who confirmed rumours about their relationship in March this year, recently reunited with their That ’70s Show co-stars Wilmer Valderrama (Fez), Laura Prepon (Donna), Danny Masterson (Steven), and Topher Grace (Eric) for a sing-a-long the show’s theme song, In the Street, on Tuesday.
Mila has previously revealed that she had such a great time filming the retro sitcom that she would jump at the chance to revive her character, Jackie Burkhart.
Earlier this year, she told E! News: ‘I’m more than game for it. I’ve said it before — I would love to do it…Yeah, I would totally do it.
‘Why not? I loved it. It was eight years and they were eight amazing years of my life.’


Supermodel Kate Moss wears an over sized jacket and shades as she slips out for shopping with Jamie Hince

13 Oct

She’s one of the world’s most celebrated models, but on Saturday afternoon Kate Moss was just another face in the crowd when she stepped out for a sedate stroll along her local high-street.
The 39-year-old fashionista was accompanied by husband Jamie Hince for a low-key spot of shopping in leafy Hampstead, north London – a mere stone’s throw from their Highgate home.
Kate cut a casual figure as she strolled hand in hand with Hince on a chilly day in the capital, opting to embrace the current trend for over-sized coats by wearing one of her own.
Indeed, having matched it with undemanding star patterned jeans and strappy ankle boots, the black leather double breasted affair dominated an altogether relaxed look for the willowy model.
Both Kate and Jamie made the decision to wear sunglasses – despite the evident lack of sun as they browsed a string of local stores during a brief shopping excursion.
Much like his wife, Kills rocker Jamie went for an altogether relaxed look comprised of a knee length navy blue coat, black skinny jeans and a pair of dusty brown boots that had clearly seen better days.
The musician appeared to be the one splashing out, with his right hand clutching half-a-dozen plastic shopping bags – one of them from bookshop Waterstones – while his left tenderly intertwined with Kate’s as they mingled with fellow shoppers.
As well as splashing out on goodies, the couple are said to be splashing out on their £10 million home after building work at a nearby mansion causing damage to homes in the immediate area.
Extensive repairs to the tune of £50 million are currently being made to 65-room Witanhurst House close to a luxury home owned by the couple in leafy Highgate.
Building work at the site has coincided with water damage to local houses, with Kate and Jamie’s £10 million home bearing the brunt after her basement was flooded.
Residents have since pointed the finger of blame at Witanhurst – the former home of BBC talent show Fame Academy.
Kate’s home was previously flooded with raw sewage less than week after it was burgled in 2010.
At the time the 39-year-old model stayed with friends while more than £100,000 of repair work was carried out following the incident, during which three rugs, furniture, a costly show collection and three portraits by Mario Testino were all destroyed

‘It was such a hard time!’ Miley Cyrus on how she ‘wanted to leave’ Liam Hemsworth for MONTHS before they actually split

26 Sep

By the time they finally announced their engagement was off, it was hard to feel surprised.
And now Miley Cyrus has confirmed that she wanted to break off her romance with Liam Hemsworth many months before they actually split.
The actress turned singer revealed that her new song Drive was inspired by her desire to end the relationship – and was written back in February.
‘I wrote it while I was working on Valentine’s Day – emotionally it was such a hard time,’ Miley tells Fashion magazine, whose November edition she fronts.
‘It is about needing to leave someone but not really wanting to completely cut yourself off from the relationship. It’s a time when you want to leave but you can’t. It’s also about moving on.’
On the front of the magazine buzz-haired Miley is shown posing in a black crochet bodysuit over a tiny black crop top and clingy black shorts, staring at the viewer with one finger pressed against her scarlet-red mouth.
The 20-year-old Miley sounds older than her years as she discusses how her break-up with actor Liam Hemsworth inspired her to be the person she is now among other hot topics.
At least Miley is wearing clothes on this one – she posed topless with her tongue hanging out (again) on the cover of the October Rolling Stone.
In the Fashion magazine piece, which hits newsstands in Canada on October 7, the performer goes on to defend her edgy style and on-stage antics so critics and competitors beware.
‘I feel like I’m in a different lane now,’ Miley says. ‘When it comes to critics, I have my blinders on and I don’t really feel like I have to compete with other pop artists.
‘I never think, “oh this performance is going to make her look bad or out-shadow her” either.’
She adds: ‘But if there is no competition, there would be no reason for any of us to show up to work. At an office, everyone is trying to be boss. Pop music is the same. What I wear adds a factor that other girls can’t compete with.’
Her raunchy performance alongside Robin Thicke at the MTV VMAs on August 25, which involved more ‘twerking’ with a foam finger, got people all riled up.
‘I was trying to slap Robin’s ass but no one saw it! Believe me! MTV edited so much,’ Miley tells the magazine. ‘They cut almost everything I did. I’m proud of that performance. I feel like music is really stale right now.
‘I could have guessed what a lot of artists would have done that night. The reaction to what I did has been insane. I think it was a breath of fresh air! For the people that don’t get it, you weren’t meant to.’
Drive, one of the tracks on Miley’s forthcoming album Bangerz, is due out October 4.

Liam Hemsworth Leaves LA After Humiliating Miley Cyrus

19 Sep

Liam was spotted hopping on at flight at LAX on Sept. 18, just a few days after photos surfaced of him kissing Mexican star Eiza Gonzalez.
Is Liam Hemsworth jetting off to meet up with his new flame Eiza Gonzalez in Mexico? Liam was spotted with his head down as he walked through LAX. Perhaps because he feels badly for making his ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus‘ feelings look like the least of his worries, since he was locking lips with Eiza, just one day after they announced their breakup.Liam Hemsworth Spotted At LAX After Humiliating Miley
Maybe Liam had his head down because he was embarrassed for humiliating Miley by his wild Las Vegas behavior. Then again, maybe he just didn’t wanted to be hounded by the photographers asking questions about his new love interest, Eiza.Liam and Eiza were photographed partying together on Sept. 14 in Sin City, after the Floyd Mayweather boxing fight. They were talking very closely to each other, which raised suspicions that he and Miley really were over. Then on Sept. 16, Miley and Liam’s reps revealed that the couple of four years, had called it quits.
But Liam didn’t waste any time, just one day later, on Sept. 17, Liam and Eiza were spotted at her apartment complex in Beverly Hills, making out! It looks like they either really hit it off, or they’ve been dating a while.
Is Liam Jetting Off To Meet Up With Eiza?
Liam does have quite a bit of work left to do for The Hunger Games but if that’s not where he’s headed, maybe he’s going to Mexico to meet up with Eiza. The singer/actress recently moved to LA to pursue acting, but she is a very big deal in Mexico, she’s sort of Miley during her Hannah Montana days down there.
Eiza had to go to Mexico for the DVD release of the Spanish-language version of Disney’s The Croods. She tweeted on Sept. 18: “En Mexico” with a bunch of smiley faces. Maybe she’s excited because Liam is headed to meet up with her?

Kristen Stewart Dated Rupert Sanders Again After His Divorce — Report

19 Sep

Poor Kristen! Things haven’t been going too smoothly for her ever since she cheated on her ex Rob with Rupert. Now a new report says she even had the nerve to date Rupert again after he split from his wife. How shocking!
Kristen Stewart has had a rough time over the past several months — not only did Robert Pattinson end their relationship, but he also decided he doesn’t want to speak to her anymore. Could it get any worse for the Twilight actress? Apparently so! Kristen tried to maintain contact with Rupert Sanders after his wife divorced him, but she was quickly rejected by him as well. How sad! Read on for all the details.
Kristen Stewart Dated Rupert Sanders After His Divorce — Affair, Take 2
You would think Kristen would have more shame about cheating on Rob, but apparently she had real feelings for Rupert and she wanted to date him again. She reportedly saw Rupert after he divorced Liberty but unfortunately for Kristen, their relationship was short-lived.Rupert abruptly stopped seeing Kristen after the second time they met up, according to a new report from OK! magazine. Perhaps it was karma for Kristen breaking Rob’s heart? We feel bad for Kristen, but we’re sure she’s learned her lesson from this whole disaster.
Liberty Ross Wants An Apology From Kristen Stewart
Liberty is not happy with Kristen! She is concerned about her two small children and their relationship with their father and she expects Kristen to apologize for tearing apart her family.
“Liberty recently left a message for Kristen, suggesting she might as well sew a big letter ‘A’ on her chest, since she’s never really apologized to the now divorced mom,” a source tells OK.
Kristen made a public apology to Rob after cheating on him, which suggests she felt guilty about her actions, but it seems she’s not ready to make a public apology to Liberty just yet. Kristen is probably still reeling from her tough break up with Rob, especially after he put their former house on the market on Sept. 16, signifying the end of their relationship. It sounds like Kristen just needs some time to grieve! We hope she will eventually apologize to Liberty though — it’s the right thing to do.

‘They’ve split for now’: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s ‘wedding is put on hold as they decide to take a break’

16 Sep

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have decided to take a break, it has been claimed.
The pair, who have had a tempestuous relationship over the past few years, have reportedly decided to postpone their wedding while they see if they are better off apart.
‘They’ve split for now. Miley and Liam have a very tumultuous relationship and both are exhausted. It’s a complicated relationship. The wedding is on hold, for now. It’s not cancelled but it doesn’t look promising.’
The report comes after Miley, 20, gave the clearest indication that her relationship with Liam had hit trouble this weekend, by unfollowing the Australian actor on Twitter.
For Miley, who is an active Twitter user, this is the ultimate snub and a public declaration that there could be trouble in paradise.
However, Liam, 23, is still following Miley.
MailOnline has contacted representatives for Miley and Liam for comment on the split claims.
Liam appeared in good spirits as he arrived at the Pre-Fight Party for the Floyd Mayweather fight in Las Vegas on Saturday night.
Their relationship has been under the microscope recently with reports that the pair have split up and gotten back together numerous times in the last 12 months.

In February, it was rumoured that Liam got ‘hot and heavy’ with January Jones at a pre-Oscar party.
January was linked to the Hunger Games actor again earlier this month when it was claimed Liam was sending saucy texts to the Mad Men actress.
According to Us Weekly, he ‘fired off a graphic, sexual text message’ to January that reportedly said, ‘I want to F**k you.’

Vanessa Hudgens mixes naughty and nice with rude slogan crop top and pretty floral leggings

14 Sep

Working up a sweat demands focus as Vanessa Hudgens proves, flashing her toned stomach in a hip-hop themed tank top.
The actress, 24, wore the cropped tee, inspired by rapper Kendrick Lamar’s song B****, Don’t Kill My Vibe, on the way to a North Hollywood gym Friday, where she brought along younger sister Stella and boldly displayed her belly button ring.
Ready for the heat, Vanessa paired the tank with a black sports bra, silver sneakers, black and white flowered leggings and shades, and let her long, wavy locks blow in the wind.
Though the Disney star rose to fame singing teen anthems, she’s displayed a more cutting edge look in recent years, mirroring the progression of her career.
She starred in the sex and drug infused film Spring Breakers earlier this year, and also has a role in Robert Rodriguez’s new movie Machete Kills, the third in a series of Grindhouse exploitation pictures.
On her darker roles, she says: ‘I’m so comfortable with myself — honing in on what I love and what makes me powerful…Things I’ve been doing lately, I’m super-proud of. So I don’t really care if someone doesn’t like it, because I love it.’
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