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Set for Winter

12 Oct







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‘Project Runway’ Recap: Who’s Going To Fashion Week?

4 Oct

This week on ‘Project Runway’ the final 5 designers are met with the L’Oreal challenge! Read Michael Costello’s hysterical take on Season 12 Episode 12!
Episode 12 begins and I am still SHOCKED from last week’s double elimination. The last 5 designers remain (ahhhhh!) on this episode, and we find out who makes it to fashion week. MAKE IT WORK!
Project Runway Season 12 Episode 12:
Another vacation? Not fair!!!! The designers head to a butterfly house for their next challenge. This week’s challenge is avant-garde, daring and experimental. This is also the L’Oreal challenge. Each designer finds inspiration from a butterfly of their choice. Love this concept. Justin gets inspiration from an albino butterfly, I can’t wait to see what he will create.

The workroom seems to be mellow? Where is the drama????? I must say I do miss Ken and Sandro. Just kidding!!!

The makeup room is fabulous since it’s the L’Oreal challenge, the designers are really using the makeup to the max.

Tim Gunn joins the design room and it seems like the judges’ favorites, Bradon and Dom, are struggling. Oh wait so is Helen…. Wow I’m scared for them. And HELEN’S TEARS start rolling. GURRRRLLLL I understand, I have totally been there.

Bradon gets a great response from Tim but if he had asked me….. I hope the models pull the look together.

The next day when the designers return to the work room. All the losing looks are lined up… WHAT IS GOING ON????

The designers must transform an eliminating look into a masterpiece.

Its runway time!!
This week’s guest judge is Emmy Rossum!

1st Challenge

Justin: I love the reveal. So much fabulosity

Dom: Wow. TEXTILE GALORE. I love the palazzo pants.

Alexandria: I am loving the texture and chiffon train.

Bradon: Its avant-garde for sure. I still don’t know how I feel about it. And that’s a good thing.

Helen: … ehhh not feeling the orange, and looks underwhelming compared to the others.

2nd Challenge

Justin: Wow I love what he did with his old dress. Very pretty.

Dom: Wow she definitely changed that look for the better.

Alexandria: Rocker chic for sure but not sure if I love it. #forgettable

Bradon: Disappointed. He didn’t push himself.

Helen: Boring… What happened with Helen? She was such a strong contender.

Justin gets positive feedback on both looks! I am so proud of him, he has come such a long way.

Helen gets good comments and I’m wondering, WHY? Wait… Zac and Nina just threw a few digs at her “Pumpkin fest.” LOL. Nina’s exact words.

Alexandria gets mixed reviews with the “make it work” look. I have a feeling she might not make it to fashion week.

The judges are loving Bradon’s look! They are calling it art, its memorable. I don’t know why but I am not sold on it.

Ooooohhhh Dom’s palazzo pants are actually a jumpsuit. I love it!!!! Such a beautiful cut, color, and silhouette. The judges are loving everything. I can tell she’s going to fashion week!

The designers are asked who they would take with them to fashion week! Such a tough question! Do you pick the other two top designers, or do you pick the bottom designers you so you have a better chance? If I was there, no one would have a chance, haha.

The results are in!

BRADON! He wins the challenge and is the first to head to fashion week!!!

Followed by DOM! Woo hoooo! They’re two of my season favorites.

And the last person to join the final two is ……(drumroll) OMG. They are all creating collections and battling it out. OMG I just got the chills. They all still have a chance to showcase at fashion week. That is a huge opportunity, I can’t wait to see who will make the cut.

Hollywood’s Best Beach Hair

29 Sep














Best Wedding Hairstyles: Stars’ Bridal Hairdos on the Red Carpet

29 Sep











Emmy Awards 2013: Best-Dressed Stars!

29 Sep
















Miss World 2013: Extremists threaten to wreck ‘whore contest’ as final relocates to Bali

26 Sep

This weekend will see the final ten contestants parade before millions of viewers in the glittering finale of Miss World 2013.
But the glitz and glamour of the iconic competition has been overshadowed by an ongoing outcry from Muslim extremists. Protestors have threatened to attack the pageant, which they have branded as ‘pornography’ and a ‘whore contest’.
The US embassy in Jakarta warned that: ‘Extremist groups may be planning to disrupt the Miss World pageant…potentially through violent means,’
The growing movement has prompted the government to order the entire event be moved to Hindu-majority Bali, where extremist influence is minimal. Originally only the early rounds were due to take place on the island, with later rounds and the September 28 final to be held in and around the capital Jakarta.
But some hardliners are now claiming they will travel to Bali to protest.
Haidar Al-Hamid, head of the East Java province branch of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), told The Jakarta Globe: ‘We are going to protest against it, because it is unacceptable.’
Al-Hamid said that the group planned to head to the island on Saturday, although they will face a tough time as main entry points will be heavily guarded.
However, Adjie S. Soeratmadjie, corporate secretary of TV network RCTI, which is broadcasting Miss World and helping to organise the pageant, told the paper: ‘We are confident that the police will do everything necessary to ensure safety.’
In a nod to conservative public opinion, organisers have decided that the contestants will not wear bikinis during the ‘beach fashion’ round of the event.
Instead, they will cover up with garments such as sarongs, which avoid revealing the body shape.
Despite the axing of the bikini round, protests are rife and almost 500 police, including traditional Balinese security personnel known as pecalang, have been deployed to guard Miss World venues as a result.
The final will last several hours and contestants will don Indonesian-designed dresses as well as being faced with a question and answer round from a panel of judges before a winner is crowned.
Julia Morley, chair of the Miss World Organisation, told AAP that the decision to ban the swimsuit section was taken in order to show ‘respect’ for the hosts and other participating countries.
‘I don’t want to upset or get anyone in a situation where we are being disrespectful,’ she said.
The decision comes after a series of controversies surrounding Western singers performing in Indonesia.
Last year Lady Gaga cancelled a concert in the country when radical Islamists threatened to burn down the venue where she was performing in protest at her outlandish outfits.

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Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts launches glamorous dress range and reveals she wants to see style idol Kate Moss wearing her designs

26 Sep

Ashley Roberts is no stranger to dazzling on the red carpet.
But the former Pussycat Doll always found it hard to find the perfect dress so she decided to take fashion into her own hands by designing her own line of glamorous garments – and now she wants to see Kate Moss wearing one.
The 32-year-old was recently appointed the new face of Key Fashion and helped create a 37-piece range of prom and cocktail dresses.
Speaking to FASHIONMAGAZINE, she said: ‘It is all so exciting. The dresses are amazing, they have been designed for every kind of girl and for any event; there’s a bit of everything.’
Priced between £80-£300, Arizona-born Ashley explains that they have all been made using quality fabrics and prints with elaborate embellishment to give them a glamorous edge.
Whether it’s for an event, a date or a dance, girls need a dress for every occasion and I love glamorous styles so I that’s why I decided to launch this collection,’ she added.
Ashley shows off her designs in a stunning photoshoot, shot by renowned celebrity photographer Dan Kennedy, in a magical garden themed shoot.
Citing her favourite styles as the Sovereign, which she modelled at her launch event last night, as well as the Moon and Secret dress, Ashley couldn’t be more excited about her foray into fashion.
‘The best thing about working in fashion is that it is fun, creative and a whole new venture and chapter in my life,’ she said.
The blonde cites Nicole Ritchie, Kate Moss and Kate Bosworth as her style icons because of their ‘funky, sophisticated and edgy’ style.
Whilst she will be giving a selection of her dresses to her celebrity friends to wear out on the town, there is one person who she would love to see donning her designs.
‘I am going to shoot for the stars and say Kate Moss. I have grown up watching her style evolve, she is my number one, my go-to girl.’
Ashley, who often tops best-dressed polls, says her fail safe wardrobe essentials are a leather jacket and a leopard print handbag.
Whilst she has been busy launching her line with Key Fashion, ambitious Ashley isn’t taking any time to rest.
‘I have been so busy but it’s so much fun. I have just finished my Garnier campaign, I am working on new music and I will be presenting for the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here segment on This Morning.
‘I am trying to hone down the business side of stuff,’ she said.
To keep herself grounded, Ashley swears by hot yoga, meditation and ‘fun girly stuff’ like spa days.
Describing her ultimate style tips, the new-found fashionista said: ‘Have fun with it, there’s no rules.
‘Wear what makes you feel funky and confident.’


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